5 Tips to Create Content That Converts

Writing content is critical for every business. Great content gets found by search engines and great content is very useful to your customers. Whether your content is for your website, newsletters, social media posts, or blog, writing consistently fresh and engaging material can be difficult. It’s not only because it takes a lot of work or because it’s an on-going process; but it’s also because with the amount of content available on the web, you’d think your content needs to be sprinkled with diamonds and dipped in gold to differentiate from the crowd. We have put together simple tips to writing engaging content that will get the job done.

Give each piece of content a purpose

Keep the “big picture” in mind and make sure that what you’re writing is relevant and gets your audience to the next step, whatever that next step may be. If after reading your copy your readers have no clue what to do, or worse, feel indifferent towards it, your copy is useless. Make sure the reader knows what they get out of each piece.

Write the way like you talk

The key to writing good content is to make it a conversation. You don’t need to use every SAT word you learned back in high school to effectively communicate what your business does and how awesome you are. People want simplicity. Use simple words, be direct and you will be more successful.

Use your audience

This might sound a little off-putting but getting to know your customer’s pain points and calling them out in your copy is one of the best ways to explain that you understand their issues. If your readers don’t believe that you understand their problem, then they’ll go to someone who does.

Create a sense of urgency

Now that you’ve shown your audience that you “get” them, you’ve got to back it up by presenting a solution. Showing your readers that you not only understand them but have a way to make their lives easier will get them to keep reading. They’ll be engaged and feel as if they’re missing out if they don’t get in on whatever it is you’re offering.

Edit, edit, edit

A draft is called a draft for a reason; it’s meant to be ripped apart. Don’t hold back. Re-arrange, remove and re-write everything that doesn’t get the reader to the desired action. Read stuff out loud, get a second eye on the piece, heck get a third eye. Editing is a long and cutthroat process but will help tremendously in ensuring your content is relevant and useful.