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We are Payfirma

Build Your Dream Company

Payfirma helps you accept credit and debit card payments online, in your store, and on your smartphone or tablet under a single merchant account. Our cloud-based payment platform securely processes your payments and stores your transaction data in one place. With everything in one place, you can use your sales data to make smarter business decisions about your customers, products, and employees. Our customers tell us that we are the best payment processor in Canada and USA that they’ve worked with and we continually work hard to keep them happy.

Why We Do It

We want to help people build their dream business. We know that people put their hearts and souls into their businesses. We have vowed to provide a payment solution that makes it faster, simpler, and more effective for people to make their dream business. Every support call we answer, every new business we sign up, every new module we code is working towards helping people build their companies…and their dreams. When we help people build their dreams, we change the world.

What We’ve Done

We started Payfirma in 2011 in hopes to change the payments industry and the way we accept payments. We wanted more transparent pricing for merchants, better customer support, and payment products that could delight people. Over the years, we’ve released mobile, eCommerce, and in-store payment solutions that have made people smile. We’re proud of the awards we’ve won for our innovative products and services. Most importantly, we’ve won thousands of happy customers that we consider our family, and we continue to work closely with them, changing the way we all think about payments.


Payfirma Corporation is a registered ISO/MSP of First Data Loan Company, Canada and Chase Paymentech Solutions.